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Festivals in Vietnam are so diverse and rich. According to the researchers’ folklore, Vietnam has nearly 500 major traditional festivals, spread across the small country of four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each festival carries a traits and personal values, but always towards a sacred object of worship should be like the hero against foreign invaders, who have transmitted the teaching profession, anti-disaster, the extinction of evil fun, the rich world to save its people …
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Spring – the start of a season in, season proliferation of things, plants, warm weather … Between him, our people were exposed to invite each other phoi Assembly, the source of pilgrimage, and to have fun hope for good crops, happy people.

The festival is a bridge between the past, current, making today’s young generation to understand the merits ancestors, more proud tradition of their homeland, their country. In particular, sticking with the festival village, place names, such land can not be an element missing in people’s community life.

Because the majority of festivals in Vietnam is often associated with historical events, people remember the war to the country against invaders, so the game play in many festivals often bring strong martial spirit such as crossbow shooting contest, wrestling (Assembly Speaker), wrestling, fighting, running test (Vi Khe Flower Assembly, Nam Dinh), test-fire crossbow, throwing (in ethnic minority areas in the North), etc. .. at the festivals of Tay Nguyen ethnic people, buffalo stabbing festival is considered the most typical. During this festival, besides buffalo sacrifice ritual stabbing attractive, thrilling game also shield dance, throwing workers, fighting sticks.

The game entertainment at the festival also includes cultural activities, such as social Quan Ho singing contest, cooking , cock fighting, weaving, wrestling, swinging … The most special is that the swing, not only appear in large festivals, but also a fun game of Wildlife in the New Year throughout the villages.

Spring day, people usually go out east than normal. Who travel, people come near, the costumes are gorgeous, joyful excitement makes the air more and more barriers bright early spring. Perhaps people want to spend less time sightseeing the natural earth, enjoy the fresh atmosphere with beautiful spring. They came to the historic, scenic, temple, temple to participate in traditional festivals. Only in January also had countless festivals commemorate the national hero, who is the fight against invaders such as the Council, celebrates the victory of national hero Nguyen Hue and ideas anniversary of the soldiers died in the great battle won 5-1 on Da. An Duong Vuong Temple Festival (Hanoi Loa) 6-1 day commemorates Thuc Phan, who is of Au Lac building, construction of Co Loa, the temple door Over (Quang Ninh), Tran Quoc Toan memorial is to expel the enemy of Nguyen, Ha Loi Temple Festival (Me Linh) Memorial Hai Ba Trung, festival “Com Hom” in Pho Yen, Thai Nguyen on January 6…

Also at this time, four travelers on American Affairs The Khe (Nam Dinh) from 20 until 30 January to admire the flowers, ornamental plants of the traditional villages Vi Khe, enjoy the spring meeting a ceremony to pray prosperous new year in Ba Den Mountain (Tay Ninh). Especially this season, tourists poured onto Mount Yen Tu Pagoda Festival, spectacular sightseeing of the country and challenge his sincerity. Came to Hoa Binh to visit Cave festival, Xen Ban, Xen Muong festival of the Thai people; to Son La and drop the soul into the forests of white flowers in the initial festival, mountain trip, tourist attractions canoe on lake Ba. In addition, the Tay, Nung Northwestern Long Tong festival, the Dao has Dance Festival, Mongolia has Rituals charm, playing to a high mountain spring meeting, and the Khmer has New Year festival…

The abundance of festivals in Vietnam is both a national subculture, but also has one of the attractive tourist products and foreign tourists.

The South Festivals 
* Truong Dinh Temple Ceremony
* Cow racing Dolta ceremony
* Folk Festival – as fine cultural activities in South
* Go Thap Festival – Dong Thap
* Ba Chua Xu Festival
* Festival Chol Chhnam Thmay
* Ba Thien Hau Pagoda Festival
* Ba Pagoda in Binh Duong Festival
* Southern Imperial Festival
* Dinh Co Festival
* Wins Three Festival
* Offerings of the Khmer Southern Cotton
* Cow racing festival of Khmer
* Ngo Boat Racing Festival
* He tomb festival
* Mr. Lang festival in Tra On, Vinh Long
* Festival in Ben Tre
* Festival in Tien Giang
* Festival in Vung Tau
* Ba Mountain Spring Festival
* Nguyen Trung Truc commemoration ceremony
* Truong Cong Dinh Commemorative Ceremony
* Festivals in Tien Giang province
* Ben Tre Festival
* Tam Vu Festival
* Desert Festival
* Ok Om Bok ceremony and Ngo Boat Racing Association
* The festival in Ho Chi Minh
* Jay convergence
Central Festival 
* Elephants in the Central Highlands last race
* Highland Spring Festival
* Cu Wrestling Association
* Mr. Fish Festival
* Cau Ngu festival
* Cau Ngu Festival Da Nang
* Stabbing Festival Spirit Buffalo
* Danang Festival
* Dam Festival O-Loan, Tuy An
* Hon Chen festival
* An Hai village festival
* Hoa My village festival
* Cuong Temple Festival
* Urban Salty Water Festival
* Elephant Race Festival, Highlands
* Kate festival
* Student Village Festival
* The New Dragon Festival Celebration
* Nghe An Festival
* Nghe An Festival 2
* Quan The Am festival
* Quan The Am Festival 2
* Quang Nam Festival
* See the Communion ceremony
* Phu Yen New Year Festival
* Xuan Binh Dinh Festival
Northern Festivals 
* 1000 Year Long Festival
* Bat Trang Festival
* Bach Hac Festival
* Boat Festival
* Boi Dam festival
* Buffalo Festival
* Slashing Pig Festival
* Chen Festival
* Do Son Buffalo Fighting Festival
* Perfume Pagoda Festival
* Keo Pagoda Festival
* Thay Pagoda Festival
* Chong temple Festival Hai Hung)
* Con Son Festival (Hai Duong)
* Robbery Dong Phi Bridge festival
* Robbery of Yen The Bridge Festival
* Fishing Me Village Festival
* Workshiped Fishing Festivals
* Fishing Festivals
* An Duong Vuong Temple Festival
* An Sinh Temple Festival
* Ba Tam temple Festival
* Social Events Co Nhue God Temple
* Chu Dong Tu Temple Festival
* Co Loa Temple Festival
* Cua Ong Temple Festival
* Do Temple Festival
* Dong Nhan Temple Festival
* Hai Ba Trung Temple Festival
* Hung Temple Festival
* Kiep Bac Temple Festival
* Thai Vi Temple Festival
* Thuong Temple Festival